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ProfitTracker is exciting new financial software distributed by the Collier Consulting Group.

Have you ever experienced the problem of working long hours for short profits? Or been so busy you could not pay your bills? The problems usually can be attributed to two things: lack of planning and cash flow.

In order to succeed in the contracting industry, you must develop a plan for success. You need to know each month how much you need to sell to pay all your bills, pay yourself a great salary, and have enough left over for at least 8% net profit. You need that much profit to buy assets, cover unexpected costs and have a reserve if the economy falters.

Budgeting?? No problem with ProfitTracker. ProfitTracker allows you to create both annual and monthly budgets using your existing financial information from your bookkeeper. Enter in some information from your financials and ProfitTracker does all the rest. Youíll have both an annual and monthly budgets to guide you through the rest of the year. Youíll even be able to calculate breakeven for your company and know how much you will need to sell each month, just to pay the bills.

In addition, you are able to enter your actual costs and sales and compare them to your budget each month. What a great planning tool!!

Cash Flow?? No problem with ProfitTracker. Many contractors sell things at a profit, but because of poor collection practices, they do not get paid in time to pay their bills. ProfitTracker will track your cash flow right along side your financial documents so you will see exactly how much cash you have and if it is enough to meet your expected costs. The easy to use charting and graphing section allows you to easily see through bar charts if you have enough monies for the coming year.

Estimating jobs?? No problem with ProfitTracker. When your budget is finished, ProfitTracker calculates the most accurate overhead allocation in the industry, Dual Overhead. With the dual overhead allocation numbers for materials, equipment and labor, you can calculate any replacement job quickly and easily. Determine your breakeven per job then bid the job at any
profit % you desire

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